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Cover of Running to the FireOpening Lines: Running to the Fire

“The bus is swaying along 7,000 feet above sea level, covered with fine red dust, when we come upon an incredibly deep ravine and a narrow bridge and two sentries lounging behind a half-circle of sandbags with a mounted machine gun perched next to them like a praying mantis.  The brakes squeal.  The sentries straighten.  And the old man who has fallen asleep against me starts to fall forward before catching himself and lifting his woolly head, smelling of wood-smoke. . .”

To order, hit this link at the University of Iowa Press.


Running to the Fire, a memoir about going to revolutionary Ethiopia with my missionary parents, is fresh off the press, made available April, 2015.  To see more about it or my other publications, take a look at the pull down menu for Published Books.


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